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Frequently Asked Questions


How much time do I need?

We recommend fewer than 15 guests per hour, per artist booked if you'd like for everyone to have a chance to get one. Add more time as desired if you value:

  • shorter lines

  • more detailed designs

  • individualized attention

  • remakes/pop repairs

While we don't have a hard & fast maximum, we do reserve the right to decline requests where there are far too many children for the artist to accommodate in the time requested due to the negative experience this creates for everyone involved.

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What do I need to provide?

We request a small table/table space for the artist's balloon kit and a chair is optional. Indoors is the ideal environment to prevent popping and for optimum balloon quality, however we are happy to be outdoors if desired. Shade tent or other cover from sun & rain is required.

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What if I need more artists?

Our pricing is designed to be as affordable as possible, whether booking just one or multiple artists, which is why we don't have package pricing when combining artists, as each professional travels & operates individually.

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What type of balloons do you make?

Each artist can create a wide variety of balloon designs, from a menagerie of animals, to an arsenal of interactive fighting tools! Kids love swords, bow & arrows, flowers, butterflies, princess wands, character creations, bracelets, hats, motorcycles, and the list goes on and on! 

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