How much deposit do you require on booking?


This will vary from one booking to another and also from one day to another, but generally it will be 25-50% down. You will be advised of the deposit amount after your request has been received.

What if we need to cancel?

Cancellations are very tricky in the event industry, much like with weddings. A cancellation on your end, depending on how much notice you give, will put us out of work. In an industry where Saturday makes up the majority of our income, this can become a major problem. We do our best to work with clients to reschedule events without penalty if we have enough notice to rebook the artist(s) out again. However, this is not a guarantee, and as a rule, your deposit is non-refundable upon cancellation.


What if the weather is bad?

In Houston it can be a crazy game to try to track the weather and base anything on it. We HIGHLY recommend that you have a backup plan for rain, or reconsider booking with us because we do not consider rain a valid reason for cancellation and your deposit will be forfeited. Since rain cancellations are typically very short notice, it is almost impossible to rebook that time, and your deposit mostly goes to reimburse the artist for lost wages.

Our exception is that we do refund any deposits in the event of an act of God such as hurricane or extreme flooding which would make travel unsafe.

I have more than 25 children for the combo package, but some of those are teens and babies. Will those count toward my numbers?

Yes. Babies have mummies and daddies who love to get in line for them in the hopes they'll let us paint them (babies usually do not) and request a balloon for them as well. Teenagers, especially girls, are as likely to be in line as any of the other children, they LOVE our services. Our numbers are estimates which take into account many variables such as: Balloons popping, grandparents or other adults making requests, birthday child being needy and parents insisting they get more turns, etc.

What do I need to provide?

For private parties, please provide space for the artist to setup as well as shade. Shade is a non-negotiable, we will absolutely not setup in the sun. Please provide tables and chairs as needed according to artists booked, this will also be laid out in the contract.

Other things that are appreciated are having a general awareness of our presence and offering refreshments, and other assurances of comfort. These small, polite gestures go a long way toward the happiness of your artist. We also expect to be respected as professionals at all times, and will not abide verbal abuse or being treated as "the hired help." We are professional artists providing a service that is in-demand and we expect to be treated with polite respect and equality by all clients and their representatives. Greeting the artist politely as they arrive instead of ignoring their presence is a great way to start! (Yes, this is a problem that unfortunately happens too often).

Also indoor setups are ideal for optimal performance of both the artist and the materials used, but outside in shade and on level ground is fine as well.

How do I know which package to book?


We've tried to make this as easy as possible by laying out the package and artist descriptions along with prices. We understand not everyone reads descriptions these days, but honestly, it'll save you some time with back and forth emails. If you have a private party with 25 children or less, check out the Combo Package. Otherwise, you'll want to go to the individual artist pages and choose your artist(s) accordingly.

When will the artist(s) arrive?


We take punctuality very seriously at Twist it Up, so we can assure you that the artists are aware that they must be in place and ready to begin no later than your booked start time. Our setup time ranges from 1 minute for balloon artists-5 minutes for face painters, generally speaking. Because we often book events back to back, it is normal to not have the artist arrive until 5-15 minutes prior to start time. We have planned our routes to leave room for traffic and other variables, but we ask for your patience and understanding that the artist is on their way! If you begin to get nervous, feel free to call the artist who confirmed with you, or the booking manager at the company phone number listed. 

Do you offer non-profit discounts?


We are able to provide some non-profit discounts and  donations on days of the week other than Saturday. We ask that you present your request and all the applicable details when filling out the booking form and we will consider. Please keep in mind that discounts would only apply to BASIC artists and are evaluated on a case by case basis. For large discounts or in-kind requests we prioritize causes that have a higher need such as cancer fundraisers or women and children shelters. Unfortunately, our services are requested far too often by churches and schools to give large discounts there.


What payment do you accept?


We accept cash, check, venmo, cashapp, and credit cards. If paying via credit card, you will be asked to pay the balance in advance as the artists will not have the ability to take a credit card on site. You can avoid this by saving your card on file with us when you pay your deposit. If we do not have your card on file and you have not paid in full prior to the party, you will need to have another form of payment ready for the artist before their booking time has expired.

Can the children be left alone with the artist?


It's difficult to word that question correctly. The artist can definitely entertain the children and we love to interact with them. However, please keep in mind that our materials are expensive and are not playthings. Children will be asked politely to please keep their hands to themselves. Older children will be reminded once or twice, and if they still do not listen, they will be told firmly that they may not touch our items if they want to receive our services. We reserve the right to apply this form of discipline (refusal of services) when unruly and poorly-behaved children are left unsupervised in our care. This, of course, would only apply to children of an age to understand, young babies and toddlers left alone with us who are harassing our setup/causing havoc, will have the parents called for. Please encourage your guests to control their rambunctious little ones around our setup, it is very difficult to focus on the art while trying to keep a two year old from knocking over a table full of supplies.