Santa Claus

Invite our real-bearded, professionally trained Santa and Mrs. Claus to your holiday party!

Santa Joe and Mrs. Sandy Claus are real-life grandparents of twenty-one and counting! Trained by the very best Santa Schools in the industry, our Santa will make every guest at your holiday party a true believer with his high quality plush costume and real white beard! Check out our booking options below for amazing package deals that will tie your Christmas party together perfectly!


Santa & Mrs. Claus

Book Santa and Mrs. Claus together for classic holiday cheer.

-Santa will sit for photos and whispers of the little ones' hearts desires with Mrs. Claus nearby to help.

-Each little one will receive a candy cane from Santa's big red bag!

-Optional storybook reading for no extra charge (The Night Before Christmas)

-We can arrange for Santa to distribute client-provided gifts to each child for no additional costs (by prior request only).


1 hour only: $200

1+ hours:

$175 per hour

$100 per half hour

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Deluxe Santa & Elf Package

This two-hour package includes everything from Santa & Mrs. Claus package PLUS a professional balloon twisting or face painting elf! Our elf will operate at Tier 2 level of either balloon twisting or face painting.


Santa & Mrs. Claus package with one elf: $575 ($25 savings)

Santa & Mrs. Claus package with two elves: $800 ($50 savings)

*Add up to 4 elves total, at $225 per each additional elf for the 2 hour booking. Be sure to specify your elf needs in the comments section of your entertainer booking form on the booking page*

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Santa Pop-in Visit

Maybe you're having a holiday party at home and just need Santa to pop in for 30 minutes to "Ho, Ho, Ho" a bit of holiday cheer into your event. Or perhaps you want Santa included in your holiday photo session with your favorite photographer. Or maybe you want to stage a "Christmas Eve" visit to your home where Santa can put your gifts under the tree, drink a glass of milk, and snack on a cookie all while being "secretly" filmed by mom or dad to show to little ones on Christmas morning. Whatever your needs for a Santa impersonator might be, Santa's pop-in visit is an affordable way to make your ideas come to life.


30 minutes max

Saturday (available after 7pm only): $125

Fridays or Sundays: $110

Mon-Thurs: $100

*Some locations are subject to additional travel fees*

Santa's Terms


All Santa weekend bookings require 50% deposit on booking with the remaining 50% due two weeks before Thanksgiving. The same deposit rules apply to any weekday school holidays.


If client has gifts they would like Santa & Mrs. Claus to distribute, this MUST be mentioned upon booking and the details will be worked out during the booking process. 


Client to provide chair for Santa lap visits and any other set items or props desired. Santa & Mrs. Claus will come in costume with toy bag (with candy canes to give out), and Night Before Christmas book for optional reading.


Texas isn't the North Pole! Please treat Santa with care and ensure that he is in a fully climate-controlled environment for all bookings. His suit keeps him too toasty outdoors. The exception to this rule is if outdoor temperatures are  between 55-70 degrees, he is allowed to be stationed outdoors in FULL shade.


Santa doesn't discuss financials--he leaves the business up to to his lovely lady. Please have appropriate staff ready to meet with Mrs. Claus 10 minutes prior to start time to direct them to their station appropriately, arrange a grand entrance, or square away any financial questions.


Santa Drop-in package is intended for private or very small corporate bookings only in which 50 or fewer total guests are expected. We reserve the right to refuse to book this option for events which we deem to be too large for what it was intended.


Santa Claus & his Mrs. are in high demand! They are a go, rain or shine. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable to future dates.


Santa & Mrs. will arrive early to get ready, but MUST leave on time. Please be prepared for this and request overtime IN ADVANCE if needed (based on availability). It is the responsibility of client to help end the Santa line appropriately so that the couple can leave on time if overtime is not possible. Mrs Claus will help with this. Please help prevent appeals to emotion begging an overstay of booked time. Santa has many stops to visit and cannot be late to any of them. If the line has not been cut and Santa's time has run out, he will need to leave with a jolly wave and smile. The client accepts responsibility for any fall out from unhappy parents and children due to underbooking Santa.