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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much time do I need?

We recommend 6 kids or fewer per hour, if you'd like for everyone to have a chance to get a balloon & face painting. That's 10 minutes per kiddo to make them a nice balloon and a get in and out of the chair for a beautiful face painting. We do allow a maximum of 10 kids/hour before you will be automatically downgraded to just one service at the artist's discretion.

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What do I need to provide?

We request a small table and 2 chairs for each artist to be provided. In some cases, the artist will bring their own paint chair, but please plan to provide the above just in case. Indoors is the ideal environment to prevent sweaty faces, wind interference, popping or other weather limitations, however we are happy to be outdoors if desired. Shade tent or other cover from sun & rain is required.

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Why does it matter how many kids I have?

At Twist it Up, we strive for quality and giving you an exceptional entertainment experience. Over the years, we have learned what works well and what doesn't, and we can confirm that too many kids for one artist does not work well! It often results in the following:

  • Stressed artist

  • Frustrated guests and parents

  • Too long lines

  • Only having time to do one service instead of both

Not only do we want your party to be a great experience for you & your guests, we also want to model a great experience for our future clients which are your guests! If you're on the edge of kid count, either cut down to just one service or hire two artists. You will be glad you did!

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How do you split the time between the services?

Typically, the artist will keep out both the balloons and the face painting for the entire duration of your booking. We do this because:

  1. Guests often arrive late and beg for the service we already completed anyway, and this prevents the hassle of pulling it back out.

  2. Face painting typically takes longer than balloons, so the time split may look like 65% face painting, 35% balloons, for example.

We find it works best to have the children choose one service at a time and then they can hop back in line to get the second service.

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Can we hire two Combo Artists?

Yes, you are welcome to hire more than one combo artist, however, you'll end up paying more than if you were to just hire a balloon artist and a face painter separately. Typically, each artist will stay busy the entire party time, so having two people who can each do both is just more confusing than anything, and more than likely each artist would stick to one service the whole time anyway!

Occasionally at larger events, clients will hire 1 balloon artist, 1 face painter, and 1 combo artist, and this is a great way to have someone versatile who can help with whichever line might be longer!

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Is this option only for Private parties?

Typically, this option is used for private parties, however, there are some instances where it can work well for other events such as the following:

  • Grand openings where small crowds are expected

  • Small company parties

  • Open houses or other smaller real estate events

Regardless of what event the combo artist is booked at, we do still hold to our maximums and if there are more than 10 children per hour, it will be up to the artist's discretion if they decide to put away one of the services to prevent stress and a poor experience for all parties.

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