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Combo Artists

If you love the idea of a balloon artist AND  a face painter, but are trying to stay in budget for your smaller party, our Combo Artists may be just the option for you! This is ONE artist with all the skills and talent to provide both services, which lowers the cost vs having two artists come out. The Combo Artist is a great choice for smaller parties with fewer than 20 children expected.


Our straightforward pricing is transparent & easy to plan into your budget. There are no hidden fees or taxes added.*

*In most cases. Some locations or special situations will require additional fees

1 hour-$165
90 min-$225
2 hours-$290
Additional hours: $145
Additional half hours: $85
*1 hr bookings may be subject to special terms
Prices are per artist

Capacity Limits:
Maximum kids allowed per hour: 10
Recommended kids per hour for best experience: 5-7


Girl representing the combo artist more info area
Excited girl in a blue shirt who is watching a combo artist at work

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