Our Most Popular Birthday Party Option

*Fees per artist*

-2 hour booking-

  •  $230

  • Fits most parties

  • Ideal for 20 kids or fewer

-90 minute booking-

  • $190

  • Ideal for 15 kids or fewer

-1 hour booking-

  • $140

  • Ideal for 10 kids or fewer

Additional half hour: $75

Additional hour: $115

-Please Note-

While we will allow up to 15 children per hour, we highly recommend following our child count recommendations. Please see manager's note below for further explanation.

Bookings which exceed 15 children per hour booked will be automatically downgraded to either face painting or balloons instead of both and client will not be refunded price difference.

If you are expecting more than 30 children, we recommend booking at least 3 hours, or ideally booking a balloon artist and face painter separately.


To avoid back and forth emails with explanations, we ask that you please take a moment to read the descriptions on this page. We promise that it will save you time and confusion in the long run.


All of our combo artists operate in between BASIC and PARTY design levels in both balloon twisting and face painting, adjusting the complexity based on number of children present. (Please see pages linked above for descriptions of these levels)


The combo artist was designed with the birthday party in mind, a way to give you both services without pricing out of your budget.


This option is recommended for events or parties with 10 children or less per hour booked. Since the average birthday party has 20 children, the two hour booking is our most popular option.

Another setting where the combo artist works well is at grand openings where there will be steady, small crowds throughout the day.

Manager's Note on booking Combo Artists

Thank you for your interest in our company and specifically, the combo artist. I know this looks long, but it will take about two minutes to read, and how much more time than that have you put into planning your party? 


If you're here, our records show that the majority of you were either given a direct referral or you saw us at a party and loved the service. That's so great! That means that you know firsthand the quality and value that we strive to offer. I have built this company with the birthday party in mind, wanting to stay within reach of the average person which is why we offer this combo package. Over the years we have fine-tuned the craft, increasing our skills in the arts as well as our ability to determine the best formula for your party. We landed on the 10-kids-per-hour number after thousands of birthday parties worth of experience. We know by now that the worst parties with the worst experience for both guests and artists are hands-down the ones where the client ignored our recommendation, assumed they knew best, and underbooked this package.


I can't stress this point enough: too many children booked for this combo package results in a terrible experience. You're not in the line with your guests, but we can see the eye-rolls, we hear the complaints about the long line, and we will no longer accept this kind of disrespect to the excellence that we have tried so hard to achieve. That is why we now reserve the right to downgrade your booking to one service if we find that you have greater than 15 children per hour (that is a max number, it is still 5 children higher than ideal). You will not be refunded for the price difference. 

This package is about quality and value. If you're looking for the cheapest option for 40 children, and don't care about the recommendations and guidelines of the professionals providing the service, please continue your search for a different company. That is not what we offer, it's not why you were referred to our company or liked our service upon seeing it. We ask that you please respect the art that we offer by taking us at our word on this one. If you have more than 30 children for your party, please book our artists individually on the Balloon Artist and Face Painter pages. And if you have between 25-30 children, you should honestly book at least 2.5 hours with the combo package. Two hours is 120 minutes, if you have 30 children that's only 4 minutes to provide them with a Tier 2 quality face painting and balloon design, and that's only if every child got in and out of line like robots exactly on time which is never the case. Also, please don't assume that because you also have a moonwalk, that the children won't all want our services. Again, our numbers and recommendations are based on thousands of parties, the majority of which have rented moonwalks or other activities. 

Thank you for reading this explanation which has been deemed necessary after many years of dealing with this very frustrating issue. We love working your parties and events when they are within the guidelines that we've laid out and not a big, stressful mess.  If the budget doesn't allow for all that you want, we recommend considering the age-old adage, "Sometimes less is more." Thank you for respecting our time, brand, and sanity.

Rose Okonski

Twist it Up Owner, Manager, and Lead Artist