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Frequently Asked Questions
Hair Braiding

Russian Hair braids.jpg

How much time do I need?

Minara can create 5 braids per hour. One intricate design for the child of honor and simpler designs for the other four braids. Please request photo examples of these during the booking process. Most of the photos shown here are intricate designs. We recommend booking enough time to accommodate the complexity of style that you're hoping to receive. 

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What do I need to provide?

We only need a chair and small table provided for the artist's use. Indoor setup is preferred, however if Minara is setup outdoors, full shade would need to be provided.

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Is there anything else I should know?

Minara is a true Eastern European hair braider, and this means that she actually only speaks Russian. She will have a display of photos for the guests to choose their preferred hair designs easily. She can also utilize a translator app, however, this is slow to use while working, so we ask that any detailed information that she needs to know be sent to us in advance so that she can be prepared.

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Does the hair have to be a specific length?

As long as there is some length to connect the pieces together, Minara can still create a beautiful hairstyle with short hair too!

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