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Frequently Asked Questions
Luxe Face & Body Art

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How much time do I need?

We recommend between 4-6 people per hour, per artist booked for more detailed design & for extras such as lash & gem applications. We can accommodate up to 10 per hour with simplified designs.

While we don't have a hard & fast maximum, we do reserve the right to decline requests where we feel that severe underbooking of our artists for your needs would reflect negatively on our company. 

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What do I need to provide?

We request a small table and 2 chairs for each face painter to be provided. In some cases, the artist will bring their own paint chair, but please plan to provide the above just in case. Indoors is the ideal environment to prevent sweaty faces, wind interference or other weather limitations, however we are happy to be outdoors if desired. Shade tent or other cover from sun & rain is required.

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What if I need more artists?

Our pricing is designed to be as affordable as possible, whether booking just one or multiple artists, which is why we don't have package pricing when combining artists, as each professional travels & operates individually.

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Is it extra for lashes or gemstones?

No, we include the application of false lashes if desired, as well as individual or clusters of gemstones, lip color, eye shadows/shimmers and various glitters in our pricing for this service. Of course each option above is optional and the artist collaborates with the guest on how they would prefer their completed design to look and which elements they would like to include.

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What kind of paint do you use?

Our artists use only the highest quality professional face paints and cosmetics, along with brushes, and sponges that are designed specifically for use on faces. The paints are water-based and remove easily with water and a little soap. Utilizing modern techniques of rainbow cakes, split cakes, and one-strokes, our designs are both fast and impressive, which is always a winning combination!

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Is this just for women?

Nope! While this service typically does appeal to women, we are happy to paint or makeup anyone who would like to be done, in any style they prefer. We have more traditionally masculine options available as well.

Because of the use of cosmetics and lashes, and the need to follow directions & sit still for longer periods of time, we don't typically offer this service to children under 12 years of age.

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