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Water Resistant Face & Body Paint

Water resistant face painting is an excellent way to keep the fun and stay cool this summer at your water parties! Utilizing professional products from Body Color Cosmetics, our face painters can now offer water resistant designs that can last for days! You can swim, shower, play in splash pads or water slides, or even just keep the paint on through a sweaty summer day here in the south!

Body Color Cosmetics paint is unique in that it is not activated by using alcohol which makes it much gentler on children's face and body than other water resistant paint brands. It applies much like regular face paint using a special mixing liquid activator and removes easily with any waterproof makeup remover or skin safe oil such as coconut or olive oil. 

The fee for water resistant face painting is slightly higher than our standard face painters and this is simply due to the increased cost of these specialized paints, as well as for the tools and activator required to use them. Also, there are fewer artists who utilize these paints and are trained in their usage so the demand is higher.

Please note, water resistant face painting is not available at the non-profit rates for basic artists.

demonstration of twist it up's water resistant face paintings with water running over a pink rose
child showing off their Water resistant face paint in houston
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