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Terms & Conditions

*Bullet Points below hit on common concerns, but are not all-encompassing, we highly recommend reading our full terms.

Deposits are "Retainer fees"

All deposits are treated as retainer fees to hold the artist(s) for a set date & time, and are non-refundable. 

Full shade is required

We reserve the right to not begin services until a location in full shade is provided for the artist(s). 

Gratuity is not included

Gratuity is not "expected" in our industry, but is always greatly appreciated. If you felt a job was well done, feel free to leave a tip or message Rose at 281-318-9661 for electronic alternatives.

Have a rain plan!

We cannot afford to gamble our income on weather. Your deposit retainer fee is reserved for your set date, regardless of weather.

Setup must be provided

We expect client to provide table & chair setup for the artist(s). If this is not possible, please let us know on booking, additional fees may apply.

Payments are due by day of service on artist's arrival.

Full payment is due by the day of your event. We reserve the right to withhold start of services until full payment is made and any lost time will not be made up.

Onsite Parking is Expected

Is your parking situation off-site? Shuttling required? We must be informed of this when booking and additional fees may apply.

Artists are booked hourly

We are booked by time and not by number of guests. It is client responsibility to book appropriate quantity of artists to accommodate.

We are not responsible for inaccurate address

If Google maps does not recognize the address given, it is the client's responsibility to clarify and provide directions. 


Full Terms & Conditions


  • Bookings are not confirmed until deposit is received. We will tentatively pencil you in while awaiting it, but if it is not paid same day, we cannot make any assurances that we will still have availability.

  • You are reserving your artist(s) to work rain or shine!​

  • The deposit that you put down on booking to secure your date/time is a retainer fee to hold our artist[s] specifically for your event, and those payments will apply toward your total booking cost. These deposits/retainer fees are always non-refundable & also non-transferable to a future date. We use these payments to compensate our artists who undoubtedly turned down alternative work in order to be reserved for your specific event date & time. We expect (and need) to work rain or shine. If rain will cause you to cancel your event, please understand that we cannot refund or transfer your deposit. Exceptions to this policy are listed below:​

    •   -If we are notified at least 2 weeks or more prior to event date, we will allow the deposit to either be transferred to a new date, according to current availability, or to be refunded less a $25 administrative fee.

    •     -If we are able to rebook the artist for the same time frame, we may be able to apply some or all of your deposit to a future date. (Please note, this can rarely happen with rain reschedules which are typically with 1-3 days of notice given, so please don't count on this as your rain backup plan.)

    •     -In the event of severe weather (think hurricane) which would make travel dangerous or impossible, we will allow your deposit to be held as credit to be used for a future date.

    •     -If a member of the host's household falls ill, we will accept a doctor's note as proof to allow the deposit to be held as a credit for a future booking/reschedule for a maximum of 3 months from original booked date. (Applicable only where just one artist was booked).​

  • Something to remember when planning an outdoor party: You are hiring professionals and probably hiring them for a weekend date & time. We only have a small handful of time slots available each weekend. We would never gamble our ability to earn our living on Texas weather patterns. Would you?

  • New payment terms for 2023:

  • We will no longer accept personal checks. 

  • Balance payment for private parties is due on the artist's arrival, prior to the start of services, OR can be paid online in advance. Onsite payment can be cash, venmo, zelle, etc, directly to the artist. We reserve the right to withhold services until full payment is made and lost time will not be made up. If payment is made online within 3 days of event, please be prepared to show your Final Balance Paid email to the artist on their arrival.

  • Gratuity is not expected but is always appreciated. Tips can be given directly to artists via cash, or to their personal cash apps such as venmo, zelle, cashapp, etc. For bookings of multiple artists, clients can send tips electronically to be evenly distributed. Please message booking manager via an email reply or direct text to receive a list of options for gratuity.

  • All payments that are not received on or before day of event are considered OVERDUE. All overdue payments will be granted one full business day grace period before late charges will be added to invoice at a rate of $10/day until the payment is received. 

  • All deposits to hold your booking date/time must be made using a Credit/Debit card using our online payment portal.

  • We will happily provide a Certificate of Insurance (certificate holder) and W9 upon request. Any additional paperwork required by the client may be subject to additional paperwork fees.

  • For companies/organizations requesting check payments, the following steps are required in order to secure the booking:

    • -Twist it Up must be informed immediately of a check request. All check requests must be for the full payment amount, we will not accept a deposit only. In the event of cancellation, our cancellation policy written above will apply to 50% of the total, the remaining 50% would be returned to client.

    • -An invoice will be sent out and we will tentatively hold the reservation while awaiting the check on Net30 payment terms OR three weeks prior to event date, whichever comes first. 

    • -If the check has not been received and cleared by 3 weeks prior to the event, client will be informed that the deposit (or full payment if over $1000.00) can be made immediately by credit card instead in order to retain the booking, otherwise the booking reservation will be dropped. Client is responsible to send a stop order on the mailed check if they choose, otherwise Twist it Up will destroy the late check upon receipt.



  •  Onsite, available parking is expected for each artist booked. If parking is off-site, requires payment, or requires an immense amount of luck in order to find a spot, Twist it Up, LLC MUST be informed of this at booking time and additional fees may apply. If lots are expected to be full 15-30 minutes before client booking start time, client must arrange to either reserve spots or book an earlier time. All parking fees must either be validated by client, or will be added to the final bill.

  • A contact person and cell phone number will be requested on booking, and Twist it Up, LLC expects this number to be accessible for troubleshooting prior to contracted booking time. If our artists are held up due to missing information, event staff preventing access, or any number of other unexpected delays, Twist it Up, LLC will not be held responsible for lost booking time if the artist attempted to contact the client at the provided number and was not assisted.

  • Our staff uses Google Maps in order to locate your event. If you gave us your home address and hoped we could mind read that you actually meant your favorite park, it goes without saying that we are not responsible for lost booking time. It is the responsibility of client to provide an address that Google Maps recognizes correctly, and that we are informed if it does not recognize the address & are given alternate directions to get us to your event.


Booking Specifics

  • All of our artists are booked by the hour. We have an estimated output shown on the website under each artist "more info" page, but please keep in mind that these are estimates. We make no guarantees that we will accommodate any set number of guests. If you are unsure how much time would be best, please consult the booking manager. If you require a set number of guests be accommodated (such as a daycare setting), please clarify this on booking and we will advise the time necessary and hold a card on file for any overtime that might apply.

  • Any requests by the client for themed design signage, or specific/restricted design signage may be subject to additional fees.

  • This should go without saying, but we do not work in the sun. Full shade is required for all bookings that are outdoors. This means a covered area or shade tent to provide protection from the sun & rain. A standard pop up 10x10 gazebo is adequate for a maximum of 3 artists. Trees are not adequate cover. We reserve the right to request to be moved to a fully shaded or indoor location if adequate shade/cover is not provided, and will not proceed with providing services until these conditions are satisfied.

  • Full setup is required to be provided by client. This includes approximately 2'x3' of table space per artist booked, and 2 chairs per artist booked (balloon artists do not need chairs). 

  • It is against our code of ethics to provide any private medical information of our artists to any person or organization. If such documentation or specific testing is a requirement of the client, this must be brought to our attention prior to making the booking and paying deposit. We will decline the booking. If this request is made after deposit is made and the booking is secured, we will not refund the deposit if client chooses to cancel. 

  • Just like regular people, our artists perform best in a climate controlled environment. We understand this is not always possible, but where it is, we appreciate being placed indoors. Your guests who are waiting in line will appreciate it as well. ​

  • Santa, Mrs Claus, and any princess characters who wear ballgowns are required to be placed in a climate controlled environment unless outside temperatures fall between 55-75 degrees F, including wind-chill/heat index factors.

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